What if you could save hours of work without cutting any corners?

Every new project brings with it a whole host of quandaries and stumbling blocks. What build tools should we use? How can we keep everything as modular, dynamic and self-contained as possible? How can we avoid weighing down the bundle with all the usual excess? That’s where the concept of a white label comes in.

What is a white label?

In a software development context (and for the purposes of this article), let’s consider a white label to be any product, design or system which lends itself to modifications and customisation without losing its core functionality when undergoing those same modifications.

How might I implement such a thing myself?

We have found it tremendously useful to retain certain tools and blueprints which have served us well in the past. Nonetheless, we always strive for excellence and are reluctant to sacrifice quality for time savings.

Keeping an eye out for reusable nuggets and noting them whenever you encounter them can be a great way to amass a stockpile of pre-made components and features which could later form the basis of an entirely new - and, crucially, unique - project.

Can I pay for a service which will do all this for me?

Level Studios have given serious thought to the idea of rolling out our very own white label to meet the needs of all those who don’t have the time to spare to create their own reusable foundation. Whether we do or not remains to be seen, but we are always optimistic that every good idea has its day.

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